Frequently asked questions

How often do you re-stock items?

Most wooden and vinyl kreations will be available year round! However seasonal items will only be available while in stock. If an item is marked "Out of Stock" it is because I no longer have it.

What if my Kreation was damaged during shipping?

I hope that this doesn't happen!! But if it does, please send an email to KristiKackoKreations@gmail.com as soon as you receive your (damaged) kreation to let me know! Please provide pictures of your damaged kreation and we will discuss how you would like to move forward.

What if I have a kreation idea but it is not listed on your website?

New kreations are my favorite!! Please fill out the "Special Requests & Order form" found at the bottom of the home page describing your idea and I will contact you to discuss!

Can I personalize an item that doesn't have that option?

If an item doesn't give you the option to personalize it, personalization is not available for that specific item. But in this case you can fill out the "Special Requests & Orders" form located at the bottom of the home page! I may be able to kreate what you are looking for!